How to survive summer and winter in Lolita

Lolita is a difficult fashion when it comes to surviving your country's climate. In winter it can be too cold to wear, in summer too hot. Here a few tips.


Wear lighter colors. White reflects more sunlight than black, thus keeps you cooler. Also try to wear items that are made of cotton and have as little lining as possible. It makes the dress thicker and because it's often made of synthetic fabric, it makes you sweat more. If you're afraid of sweat stains (like me), avoid white blouses.  In my opinion, the Jewel Neck Lace Cotton Sweet Lolita Dress is your best choice, which is from ocrun.com. Its sleeveless pleated design and jewel neckline with venice flower-shaped lace accented on its trim make this kind of sweet lolita very beautiful and lovely .
It is made of cotton. You will feel very cool and sexy with this dress at summer.


Bloomers aren't always sufficient. Wear tights underneath them, made of special thermal fabric are even better. Cover your legs with boots, and wear short socks underneath your tights so that your toes don't freeze. Wear a shirt (made of thermal fabric) underneath your blouse or OP and a cardigan. Use lots of layers.


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How I've learned to find bargains in Lolita

Now, it's not that I don't sometimes make rash "I don't care how much it is! Just take my money!" decisions sometimes, but I at least like to pretend that when it comes to Lolita, I'm a pretty good bargain hunter.

    Know what you want to buy. Having a little list of things you would like to own, or your wardrobe is missing, is essential to finding a bargain. After all, if you start picking up stuff just because it's cheap, with no real interest in wearing it, you might as well just be throwing that money away. I should know! That's how I got into the mess of having a huge wardrobe but absolutely nothing to wear!
    Know what their typical prices are. Window shop, a lot! Search around for older sales to see how much people have bought the piece you would like for. Try not to focus how much people are attempting to sell the piece for, but instead how much people are actually spending on it. Eventually you'll learn to know when a good deal comes along, and when you should just pass and wait for it to pop up again for a cheaper price.
    Haggling, trades, and payment plans. These things can be awesome for finding something for a really good price, or with an affordable payment plan, however, you really have to respect the seller's terms of sale or you might risk offending them, I cannot stress this enough. Generally, as a rule of thumb, I try not to ask if sellers are willing to lower their price or accept trades unless they specifically say that they are interested in either. I also do not ask for any sort of massive price reduction. There's no real rule about how much you should ask for a reduction if you're haggling over Lolita clothes, but it's often considered a bit rude to ask for a reduction of more than 15% to 20%, and you should always phrase it in a polite way, such as "would you consider $____" rather than something something that sounds demanding, such as saying "I'll give you $____" It usually doesn't hurt to ask if someone will accept a payment plan, but I will let them know straight away that I would like to pay on a payment plan, and for how long, because it's rude to spring it on someone after they've agreed to sell the item to you. I also try to keep payment plans as short as possible and aim for no longer than a month. I also try not to ask for both a reduction and a payment plan, especially because a seller is most likely to just pass on your offer completely and wait to see if someone is willing to pay them their asking price in one payment. It's not a good deal if someone buys it out from under you because you were being too cheap!
    Search for older sales posts. If you are looking for a good deal, your best bet would be to find it in older sales posts, generally about 5 days to a month old. Any newer than that, and people are still probably buying stuff from the post, any older than that and the seller might have just decided to keep the items. If you want to offer a lower price on an item (again, only if it is an appropriate price and the buyer is stating that they are accepting lower prices) people tend to be more willing to lower their price after their post stops catching people's attention. I know that when I sell stuff, if someone makes me an offer a week or so later, I'm always just glad to get rid of the piece by then!
    Be willing to compromise condition. You can find good deals if you're willing to compromise the condition. Many people offer huge price cuts on second-hand items because there is a snag in the lace, a few tiny spots that may or may not come out with a hand washing, is missing a detachable bow or waist ties, or has a snapped elastic. If you know how to fix these things, or don't mind the sometimes microscopic drops of mystery stain that some items are sold with, you can usually find some great deals on some pieces. Not all of these things are defects too! It's generally considered that modifying a piece will lower the value, and I actually have gotten a few great deals on skirts that I wouldn't otherwise fit, but who's waistbands had been modified to go an inch or two bigger!
    Patience, patience, patience! Sometimes it can take months for certain items to pop up again on the sales comm! While this is sort of a downer for those that really want something now,  it's also something of a blessing in disguise. I find that the waiting and the hunting for a particular piece really makes me reconsider if I want it in the first place. If I'm totally over something after not being able to find it for a month, I just take it off my wish list. When you actually have to work for pieces (and I don't just mean saving up the money to buy them!) you really start to learn exactly what pieces you truly love and will appreciate owning, rather than which ones are just sort of a current obsession. There's absolutely no shame in realizing your latest oh-gosh-I'm-just-going-to-die-if-I-can't-own-this dream dress was just part of a month long obsession you had with pancakes or unicorns, or pancakes shaped like unicorns. We all go through those sorts of obsessions, especially in Lolita, when really cool things are constantly being released!

I have found a good lolita shop, which is ocrun.com. Once you register this website, you will get 5% coupon. The delivery time is only 8-10 working days. Good luck to you.


If I Had A Lolita Themed Cafe...

If I had my own Lolita themed cafe, the theme would be a bit of a mix between Classic and Gothic. Think the deep jewel tones with some hints of dusty pastels and lots of antiqued gilt of Classic, but with some of the more morbid motifs of Gothic. The cafe itself would have a couple separate areas to it, but would generally be small and cozy, but with enough room to get around in petticoats!

The main area would be the actual cafe. It would contain about half a dozen round bistro tables with fancy cast iron legs and a dark wood table top and similarly designed chairs. There would be a small Victorian styled sofa or love seat off to one wall, upholstered in a jewel toned velvet or brocade and would be decorated in a way that practically screamed "This is the perfect place to take our outfit shots!". It would be, of course, a very well lit sofa. The walls would be papered in dark Victorian styled wallpaper and sprinkled heavily with art and prints from girly pop surreal artists and a few antique photos and prints thrown in for good measure.

There would be a small boutique area as well! It would mostly stock indie brand pieces, ranging from unique jewelry to accessories to even dresses and skirts. The smaller pieces would be mostly under a glass display case, or arranged artfully on the counter, while the clothing items would be hung up on a round clothes rack with a half-dress makers dummy decked out in on top of it.

The menu would feature gourmet teas and coffee and would include some thematically appropriate blends, like the kind of teas offered by Grey Brews. Besides tea and coffee the cafe would offer a rotating menu of small pastries and other treats that go well with tea and coffee. To take a cue from the EGL Comm's blog about this topic, food and drinks would be served in dainty, but miss-matched, tea cups and saucers.

The staff would, of course, wear matching uniforms! I like this Kawaii Top Seller Cotton Cosplay Lolita Dress very much, which is from ocrun.com. Bloomers are an absolute must in this case!  This is my dream. And you?


An Unforgettable Day

This past weekend (I think it was last weekend lol) with a carpool with a few loli friends, I was able to go to a lolita tea party. I had so much fun and met a few lolitas and were able to converse more with others. There were games and such and it was really such a blast.

There were so many pastries. Even after these were done, there was more, then cake, then PIZZA!!! Oh gawd, I can't even describe how happy my tummy was that day. It was such a fun meet. I hope there will be more in the future, and I hope I'll be free that weekend... lately school is slowly consuming what little social life i have left (if I ever had one to begin with)

We also played some games at the meet and I must admit, I failed at the games we played lol. However they were still kind enough to give me this bow!
I think I got the bear because of my outfit that day lol.

After the tea party, I went to a Diamond event, which was super fun! By then I had changed my clothes. I worn the Cotton Red Sash Checked Cloth Classic Lolita Dress.I had loads of fun!

Although school has been consuming most of my social life and free time, I really like to do that. ^^